Creating Lasting Connections (CLC)

Administered by Kentucky’s Council on Prevention and Education, CLC worked with five church communities to identify and recruit 11- to 15-year-olds. Over 131 ethnically diverse youths and their families living in rural, suburban, and inner-city areas in Kentucky participated in the program. CLC provided youths with 15 hours of training and parents/caregivers received 55 hours of training on substance abuse issues, communication skills, refusal skills, and family issues. CLC also provided referral services to families that required intervention or other social services. Evaluators found that both parents and children had increased involvement with the church community and an increase in resiliency as they learned about alcohol and drug issues. Youths increasingly declined drug and alcohol use and some inexperienced with drug use delayed initial experimentation with drugs. Participants also increasingly consulted community services for resolving family and personal problems and reported greater communication and bonding between parents and children.

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