Crack Surpasses Ecstasy Use in U.K. Clubs

Crack cocaine has replaced ecstasy and heroin as the drug of choice among many young adults in the United Kingdom. In particular the use of crack cocaine has increased among ravers and prostitutes, the Observer reported Dec. 29.
“Tackling Crack’ a new report from Britain’s Home Office, shows that the use of crack cocaine has grown more than 200 percent over the past three years. The biggest increase has been within the sex industry.
In addition, DrugScope, an anti-drug group, reports that many club goers have switched to crack over fears of the effects of ecstasy use.
“There is growing evidence that clubbers are under the mistaken belief that cocaine is a safer option,” said a spokesman for the charity. “Because they haven’t seen scare stories about cocaine or crack, they believe that it is a better option than ecstasy.”
In Scotland, police said that crack cocaine is the drug of choice for middle class club-going teenagers. According to Tom Wood, deputy chief constable of Lothian and Borders Police, there has been a 200% increase in the use of the drug.
Crack cocaine is an emerging threat,” said Wood. He added that dealers sell young people smaller ‘clubbing rocks.’
U.K. drug officials said the spread of crack cocaine is a result of Jamaican dealers who have introduced the drug in London and other major cities.

Source:Report in The Observer Dec 29 2003

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