46% of English arrestees tested positive for pot

For 10 years the national Drug Use Forecasting (DUF) program (recently renamed ADAM—Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring) has been reporting high drug-positive rates among arrestees tested for illicit drugs in major cities across the US. Earlier this year, researchers in England released the main findings of the first DUF/ADAM pilot program outside the U.S. Research was conducted in custody suites in 5 police force areas (Cambridge, London, Manchester, Nottingham, and Sunderland) over an 18-month period beginning in January 1996. Male and female arrestees were interviewed using a questionnaire based on those used in the DUF/ADAM program. Voluntary and anonymous urine specimens were also collected.
An average of 61% of English arrestees tested positive for at least one illicit drug. 46% of English arrestees tested positive for marijuana, outranking all other drugs including cocaine. This study demonstrates the feasibility of conducting DUF/ADAM studies outside of the U.S.

It’s findings also suggest the hypothesis that about 50% of criminals throughout the world are likely to be using illicit drugs.
Source: CESAR FAX, Sep 7.1998, Vol 7 Issue 36, Center for Substance Abuse Research ,University of Maryland.

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