Addicts assisting addicts

Helsinki City has trained 40 drug addicts to assist their drug colleagues with supplying clean needles and giving first aid. This idea is from Belgium where it all started already in 1987. These addicts are called ‘jobist’ and their activities are funded by the support from the European Union. After their training. 5 evenings, they also get a small reward of abt US $200. The work is otherwise on a voluntary basis and they get 100 needles/day when looking for their friends. These jobists seem to be well motivated which is of course might be a first preliminary step towards seeking rehab. On the other hand it shows how cheap the society wants treat seriously ill people. This all seems again to fall under the popular theme of harm reduction.
The authorities are scared of next year when Estonia will join EU and the Estonians have a very serious HIV and Hepatitis problem. As you know the drug smuggling is taken care by the Estonians, who today even transport drugs to Finland via Sweden.

Souce: Botho Simolin, Drug Watch International delegate, Finland.

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