96% Of Sweden Population Supports Restrictive Drug Policy

According to an opinion poll commissioned by the biggest Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter (ON), and carried out by TEMO, an overwhelming majority, 96 per cent, of the Swedish population supports a restrictive drug policy. As such an overwhelming majority is extremely rare, TEMO, double- checked the results. Out of 1.002 people aged 16 years and older almost all answered that they were against any idea that Sweden would allow use of cannabis, so-called ‘party drugs’ and other drugs. More than nine out of ten 16- 29-year-olds said they were against such ideas.
The survey clearly indicates that the Swedish Government’s government bill, due to be presented later this year, on a continued and developed restrictive drug policy has massive popular support. Furthermore, comments on the final report from the Swedish Governments Narcotic Commission show a strong support from local, regional and national authorities for a continued and intensified fight against drugs.

Source: Opinion poll in , Dagens Nyheter. Oct 2001. 

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