Australia first cannabis clinic

NSW is to establish its first cannabis clinic to curb use of the drug by young people and help heavy users quit.

John Della Bosca, the Special Minister of State, said yesterday the Parramatta clinic – the first of four to be set up under the Government’s $2.4 Million program – would open by the end of the year. Others are planned for southern Sydney, the Central Coast and Central West.

“The clinic is aimed at people who are highly dependent on cannabis and who want treatment to help them reduce and eliminate their drug taking,” Mr Della Bosca said.

He said it was being set up in response to concerns over the “emerging problem of links between cannabis use and cannabis overuse, and various health, psychiatric and social problems affecting young people”.

The clinic, which will be run by the Western Sydney Area Health Service and Salvation Army, will provide the medical expertise, surroundings and encouragement to help users maintain the motivation required to beat their addiction, he said.

SOURCE: Speech by John Della Bosca, 2004.

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