Cocaine Cases on Rise in U.K.

A record number of Britons were arrested for cocaine-related offences last year, leading some to worry about an upsurge in the drug’s popularity in the U.K.

The Guardian reported Dec. 7 that cocaine-related arrests rose 16 percent between 2003 and 2004, even as the country’s justice system dealt with fewer heroin and ecstasy related offences. Overall, Class A drug-related offences rose 2 percent in the U.K. last year, Britain’s Home Office reported.

A government spokesperson attributed the rise in cocaine cases to better law enforcement. “The government’s strategy is to focus on the drugs which cause the most harm and deal robustly with those who supply them,” a Home Office spokesperson said. The U.K. has recently downgraded law-enforcement efforts targeting marijuana in order to devote more resources to harder drugs.

Source: The Guardian newspaper 7th Dec. 2005The NDPA would draw attention to the research which shows that heavy use of marijuana leads to a statistically significant increase in the use of cocaine. Lax marijuana laws lead to more use of marijuana – it is not surprising therefore that there will be an equivalent increase in the use of cocaine.
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