Cocaine, Meth Produce Different Highs

Researchers say that the onset, pattern, and duration of the “highs” produced by cocaine and methamphetamine differ significantly — findings that could have implications for development of anti-addiction medications.

The authors from the Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA found that cocaine-using research subjects reported a quicker peak and decline of their “high” than methamphetamine users. The body’s cardiovascular system responds quickly to both drugs, but physical responses to cocaine also decline more quickly than with meth use.

“These differences help explain patterns of use by addicts. Methamphetamine users, for instance, report using the drug daily throughout each day, while cocaine users typically engage in binges that occur most often in the evening,” said lead study author Thomas F. Newton. “In addition, the study results may impact development of medication treatments for addiction to these two very different stimulants.”

Source: Momstell News online Aug. 2005

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