Coors Criticized for Movie Tie-Ins Aimed at Teens

An anti-alcohol group is lambasting the Adolph Coors Co. for its involvement in ads for “Scary Movie 3,” which attracts a large teen audience. The beer company is advertising its Coors’ twin beer babes as a tie-in to the Miramax movie. In addition, the Coors twins appear in the film, which is rated PG-13.

The Marin Institute said it is appalling that Coors is involved in the film, especially since last month alcohol marketers agreed to only advertise in media that attracts an audience comprised of at least 70 percent of adults.

A Coors spokeswoman said the company thought the film would be rated for an older audience, since the two previous Scary Movies had received an R rating.

“It was a surprise to us that the PG-13 rating came out,” the spokeswoman said. “We don’t want to be targeting minors.”

Laurie Lieber, a media advocate for the Marin Institute, replied that, “If Coors wanted to be responsible, they would have pulled the promotional ads when they learned it was rated PG-13.”

Source: , Advertising Age reported Nov. 3. 2003
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