Drug trafficking

The United States Department of Justice and the National Youth Gang Center developed a questionnaire in order to study youth gang drug trafficking

Methodology: A 14-item questionnaire was sent to 3,024 police and sheriffs departments.


1. Drug Sales: The study found that an average of 43% of gang members were responsible for drug sales.

2. Drug Distribution: The study found that less than half of the gang members who are responsible for drug sales have any control or are in charge of distribution.

3. Demographics

  • Gender: 94% of gang members involved in drug sales are males and only 6% are females.


  • Age: 45% are between the ages of 15-17, 28% were between the ages of 18-24, 21% were under 15 years of age, and 5% were over 24 years of age.


  • Race: 34% were African American, 29% were Hispanic, 29% were Caucasian, 6% were Asian, and 2% other.

4. Year of Onset: The study found that there was a relationship between the year in which the members joined gangs and their involvement in selling drugs. Of the ones joining before 1980 45% were selling drugs, between 1981-1985 about 48%, between 1986-1990 about 47%, between 1991- 92 about 43%, between 1993-94 about 41%, and between 1995-1999 about 35%.

Source: www.cicad.oas.org/oid.www.ncjrs.org

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