Drugs, Sex and Crime are interrelated

“Drugs and sex are interrelated,” Dr. Porio stressed as the 2002 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study 3 (YAFS 3) disclosed that the youngsters who indulge in drugs have the ‘gnawing desire’ for sex.

In fact, the YAFS 3 showed that there was a high incidence of drug use among females as it almost tripled from one percent in 1974 to 3.2 percent in 2002. The drug prevalence among females reached 19.7 percent in 2002 from 10.9 percent in 1994.

As these figures increased, Dr. Porio said that paying attention to reproductive health education is an important act that must be done right away asserting, “there’s a need to mainstream practical reproductive health education campaigns and activities.”

She also disclosed that drugs have parallel effects to the increase of crime index nowadays as 65 percent of prison inmates are in jail for drug-related crimes with 70% percent of drug-related cases filed in court.

Source: Dr. Emma Porio, professor, Ateneo de Manila University study presented at the recent national conference on “Children in Drugs: Effective Community-Based Strategies for Prevention and Demand Reduction.’’ Reported on Manila On Line August 2004

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