Ecstasy more deadly to women

 High estrogen  levels make drug dangerous

Young women taking the synthetic drug ecstasy are much more likely to die than any other group, according to new research. The drug is more dangerous for women of reproductive age because of high levels of the female hormone estrogen in their bodies, said researchers at Kings College, London. ‘The way that young women, in particular, respond to ecstasy places them at risk, though these effects can apply to anyone who takes the drug,” neuroendocrinology professor Mary Forsling told the paper. “Ecstasy is especially dangerous because of the circumstances in which people take it,” Forsling was quoted as saying. “Dancing raises the body temperature, you drink a lot, your hormones tell your body to retain water,.you drink more. It is something of a vicious cycle,” she added. Known as MDMA, ecstasy is an illegal amphetamine-based drug that causes euphoric and mildly hallucinatory effects. As ecstasy is broken down within the body it produces another chemical, known as HMMA which causes the release of a hormone encouraging the body to drink. The resulting imbalance of sodium levels in the body can be fatal.

Source: Society of Endocrinology in London. Nov 2000.

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