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This month’s 30th Anniversary edition of High Times Magazine has some interesting information that you may or may not already know. In articles by Richard Stratton, Rex Weiner and Ed Dwyer, there is reporting of marijuana use by Norman Mailer and Hugh Downs–something I’ve always suspected, but never have seen in print.

Source : email from prevention worker in the USA to NDPA  Nov. 2004

In his editorial in the same edition, Richard Stratton presents an interesting history of High Times if you are interested.

In the September issue, an article called “NORML 2004: A Conference of Heroes” states many of the goals of the pro-drug movement. Steve Bloom, as he accepted an award, said, “It’s my great pleasure to know and work with all of you as we move closer to our ultimate goal, marijuana legalization.”

The movement’s agenda is laid out in an article “Ten suggestions for the Pot Movement.” They include: support for medical marijuana, buy hemp products, resist drug testing, support pot smokers and reach out to the mainstream, among others. These articles help connect all the “dots” together.

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