Meth Babies Start Their Lives In A Hole

Every week in Great Falls, Montana, a baby is born who tests positive for methamphetamine. Meth babies spend their first weeks asleep, some barely waking to feed. Within four to six weeks, they begin crying uncontrollably, irritated by normal sounds and lights. But just like their babies, addicted parents have plenty of problems to overcome even after kicking the habit. Meth’s pull is like no other drug. Because it permanently alters the brain’s chemistry, treatment takes two years, not 12 weeks. Addicts don’t feed themselves, let alone their kids. They go days without sleeping and then crash. Breastfeeding babies share meth with their moms. If someone is cooking meth in the house, babies are exposed to hazardous and explosive chemicals.

Source Great Falls Tribune, March 13, 2006.

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