Real Cost Of Cannabis

Regarding cannabis cafes, I work as a charge nurse at a local psychiatric hospital and I and my colleagues haw noticed a considerable increase in the number of people presenting with conditions caused by, or aggravated by cannabis use.

This increase coincides with the time that Worthing has been home to cannabis cafes.

I would be interested to see what the figures would be from an official audit of admissions to Meadowfield during the last 12 months compared to a previous period.

I feel that this cost to society in terms of expensive acute in patient resources, and personal cost to peoples Iives, is largely un remarked upon by pro cannabis campaigners.

Personally, I notice that many supporters present at court cases related to the cafes are not Worthing residents but are people with a vested interest. My impression is that there are not many local residents keen to see cannabis cafes thriving in Worthing. For these and many other reasons I fully support police efforts to close the cafes and thank police for the work done so far.

Source:Letter to the editor of a Worthing News paper by Tony Stubbs

St Michael’s Road, Worthing

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