NDPA Resolutions

Resolutions agreed by the Executive Council will obviously be subject to change and augmentation as NDPA itself grows. Full listing of Resolutions is available on request, but this brief synopsis gives a good measure of NDPA’s current strategy:
• NDPA will campaign for Prevention’s potential to be fulfilled, especially for the very young: a rational and ‘seamless’ set of policies across all age ranges is the aim; these should ideally combine to form a ‘Systems Approach’ which unites and empowers all sections of society.
• Policies and programmes should have the aim of healthy lifestyles free of drug misuse. Policies that condone or encourage drug use based on ‘Harm Reduction’ are not acceptable. Treatment interventions seeking to limit damage with known individual drug users have their place, but must be accompanied by an unequivocal health-promoting message. (As National Strategy indicates).
• NDPA supports laws and justice systems which reinforce drug-free and wholly healthy lifestyles, and endorses efforts to maintain and improve this situation. NDPA seeks improved, more accurate public information and far more accuracy and balance in the media. NDPA supports adherence to scientific research standards and ethics prescribed by the world scientific community.

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