Panorama programme. Cannabis: what teenagers need to know

The BBC’s Panorama programme. Cannabis: what teenagers need to know will explore the latest scientific research on the effects of cannabis on the human mind and links between cannabis and psychosis. It will meet young people for whom cannabis use is a way of life, and speak to scientists who are examining how cannabis may alter young minds. According to producers, ‘our children are smoking cannabis earlier and smoking more of it than any previous generation. Britain has the highest proportion of young people using cannabis of any European country – 38 per cent will have tried the drug by the time they are sixteen. ‘Most don’t even think of it as a drug, and the popular perception is that it has no serious long-term effects. The truth is, until recently, very little was known about how cannabis actually affects the adolescent brain.’ The programme will explore this in detail, an readers are invited to contribute comments and experiences on the issue to a site being developed on the BBC’s website

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