Schools Discover Benefits of Student Drug Testing Programs While Avoiding Costs and Liabilities

Some parents oppose school drug testing as an invasion of privacy and waste of resources. Others praise the idea. A new home-testing campaign initiated by gives parents responsibility for safer schools along with administrators.

St. Louis, Mo. (PRWEB) January 10, 2006 — Random drug testing programs initiated by schools have turned some parents into adversaries instead of allies over privacy issues, depleted scarce resources, and been applied only to students in extracurricular activities. An alternative approach unveiled by solves each of those problems by placing responsibility with parents rather than the school districts to which they belong.

In addition to reducing many of the problems related to substance abuse, this approach rewards participating schools by sharing revenue as well. Since school districts don’t administer or pay for drug testing, resources are preserved and liability is avoided.

According to Mason Duchatschek, the Executive Director of, pressure often increases once kids say no to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. The words “My parents test me” stop pushy peers in their tracks and give every teen the “socially acceptable” excuse they need. To ensure accuracy, home-based testing kits utilize the same technologies found in labs and medical clinics across the country.

Financial and moral decisions regarding drug testing are placed in the hands of parents to protect their children’s privacy. Privately, parents can detect their children’s usage before law enforcement officers, school officials, or potential employers do and—most importantly—before addictions set in.

Additional resources for parents and school officials regarding this program are available for free at


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