The Scottish Government’s definition

“What do we mean by recovery? We mean a process through which an individual is enabled to move on from their problem drug use, towards a drug-free life as an active and contributing member of society.
Furthermore, it incorporates the principle that recovery is most effective when service users’ needs and aspirations are placed at the centre of their care and treatment. In short, an aspirational, person-centred process.”
This has recovery as a process, not an event. It has the concept of moving on, sets a drug free life as the goal and has the issue of becoming a contributing member of society at its heart.
How many people achieve the recovery goals on their care plan?
How many people move into education, training and employment?
How many report positive developments in their lives rather than just the absence of pathology?
How many achieve full citizenship? How many drug free?
How many move on to manage their own recoveries?
The government in Scotland have taken a courageous view. When we aim this high and believe it can happen, many more people will get there.

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