GHS Blows the Whistle Over High Tobacco-Related Deaths

Research show that the smoke from tobacco contains many poisonous substances such as acetone which is used for cleaning paint, ammonia for cleaning the floor, arsenic ant poison, butane fuel lighter, cadmium used for car batteries and carbon monoxide car exhaust fumes which are harmful to health.

Dr. Samuel Ohene stated that all smokers have increased risks of multiple cancers especially lung ,kidney, lip, tongue and pancreas cancers; heart disease, strokes, emphysema with women having additional risks. He said smoking in pregnancy is dangerous to the mother and baby. Whilst the mother is likely to experience miscarriages, bleeding during pregnancy and premature birth, the baby when born will look small and have birth defects.

Dr. Ohene also disclosed that deaths caused by tobacco are more than deaths caused by AIDS, legal drugs, illegal drugs, road accidents, murder and suicide. He stated that cigarettes kill half of all lifetime users, half of who die between 35-69 years old.

“There is conclusive evidence that even if you do not smoke, but are exposed to the smoke from others it affects your health,” he said. He referred to this as passive smoking and called on all to shun the company of smokers.

Dr. Ohene appealed to all restaurants, bar, chop bars, food joint operators and homes to ban smoking on their premises or better still set aside special places for smokers. According to him, research has shown that places where people gather to eat and drink have seen an increase in their income as a result of the sign “NO SMOKING” put up at their operation centers.


Source: Feb.2006

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