Cocaine in half of all schools in Rotterdam

Amsterdam: – The alderman of Rotterdam, responsible for education, Leonard Geluk wants that all middle schools are going to perform drug tests among their students in order to track down traces of use. Geluk responded to the outcome of a test, done by the topicality show Netwerk on 12 different schools in Rotterdam. At half of these schools traces of cocaine were found. It is new and startling to find that cocaine is used at so many schools. I am really worried about this.

Netwerk had these tests performed in the same way the police and military police use to track down drug use. Besides traces of drugs, traces of marihuana use were found on 10 out of these 12 schools. At one school traces of heroin use were found. If you, as a parent, send your child to a school in Rotterdam, you can not and will not expect that your child encounters drugs, and especially not cocaine. The truth of the matter is very different and concerning.

Alderman Geluk pleas to perform drug tests on students who are allegedly drug users. Geluk is –by this plea- quicker than the minister of Justice, who has promised the Chamber a letter about the use of spray to track down traces of use. If there are any legal difficulties about using this spray, we have to check the other possibilities in order to be able to test on drugs.

Source: Renee Besselling Eurad Secretariat 15.01.08

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