Self-Esteem and Trait Anxiety in Relation to Drug Misuse in Kuwait

This study was designed to document knowledge about Kuwaiti drug users and to investigate whether or not there is an association between their poor self-concept and high level of anxiety. One hundred and seven incarcerated drug users, 107 individuals serving prison terms for offenses other than drug use, and 107 “normal” individuals were included in this pilot study. The Arabic version of Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Scale and Spielberger’s State-Trait Anxiety Inventory were used to measure the subjects’ self-esteem and state-trait anxiety, respectively. The results documented revealed that there is a relationship between levels of self-esteem and anxiety in Kuwaiti drug user behavior.

Source: Substance Use & Misuse 1996, Vol. 31, No. 7, Pages 937-943

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