No to Dail coke tests: minister

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We are in agreement on the effects of ineffective international policies, political agendas and poor services.

We are requesting the Irish Government to take responsibility towards its Ministers as you will see from the article in our main National newspaper the Sunday Independent. [
In the name of National security and especially as they are responsible
for national drug policy we feel it is imperative. This is similiar
for all other Governments.

If anyone is using it, means they are compromised in their position.
We did one hour on national radio yesterday discussing the effects of drug use on crime and the harm that our present national policy has
caused . Ireland has one of the highest rates of drug use in Europe.
When I work in Sweden we see the effects of a Drug Free Policy.
Less drug use, crime etc. Although they have a problem it is not in any way equal to that which we see under present ‘Harm Reduction’ – Harm Production policies internationally.

Source: Marie Byrne, Aisling Group International,Ireland. October 2007

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