Pot Laced with Methamphetamine

Dr. Dewey, a Physiatrist and Scientist has studied for over 20 years the brains of people using all kinds of drugs.

At a forum in Ronkonkoma,he presented information about a recent study with teenagers who smoke marijuana. He asked for subjects only using marijuana. He needed 400 teenagers just using pot. He received 7000 responses.

He selected 400 teenagers and tested them. In 72% of the marijuana use Methamphetamine was found. Every subject indicated that they were not using Methamphetamine.

Dr. Dewey stated that the pot is laced with Methamphetamine. This is very alarming said
Ginger Katz CEO of The Courage to Speak Foundation.

Source: Ginger Katz Founder & CEO of The Courage to Speak Foundation Oct 2010

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