“Weed Candy” dubbed newest street drug

weed-candyTampa, FL — Marijuana is a hot topic in this country.  At least 18 states    have legalized pot in some form, but there’s always someone out there willing to take advantage, and the newest street treat is actually an old fashioned recipe – candy made out of pot.

“Well there’s different forms of it. There’s hard candy and taffy and gums, and it comes in all different colors and flavors,” says Cristal Bermudez -Nuñez, spokesperson for Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

“Weed candy”, as it’s called on the street, has been popping up in cities like Los Angeles, New York and Philly.

Foods like brownies and cakes have been made for decades, but the latest reincarnation could contain much more than just marijuana.

Drug dealers can add ingredients to it to give it a kick, and THAT is where the real danger lies.

“Just like when they make weed brownies and other items that contain marijuana, it all depends on the person making it, and whether they add things that could make it potentially even more dangerous,” says Nuñez.

The candy comes in all forms and has names that play off real candy products like Munchie Way, Green Gummies, and Soda Pot.  They look real, but no one would ever know, so law enforcement is giving parents a heads up.

“As a good parent, you always want to be sure what your kids are into, and make them aware that products like these are circulating,” Nuñez says.

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