Students across the UK are getting high on computer cleaner in a new craze.

Dust-Off is flying off the shelves in university towns as party-loving Brits find cheap ways to get high. The deadly habit, known as dusting, involves sucking in compressed gas with a straw on the can’s nozzle.

The high is so intense it can paralyse the user for up to ten minutes.

Ryan Linas, 20, from Nottingham Trent University, said: “You take a full can of Dust-Off and inhale as much as you can in one breath. You just feel really high. It’s euphoric. Of course it’s dangerous, all drugs are dangerous but it’s really cheap and you don’t have to worry about getting arrested when you buy it.”

The trend has spread to several unis across the UK after becoming a huge hit in America.

The spray contains freon, which pushes oxygen out of the lungs and can cause a mini stroke or heart attack. Ryan added: “My friend from Leeds introduced me to dusting when he came back from Seattle.

“I’m not boasting or anything but you can get high over and over again for £4.99.”

Tesco supermarkets have barred under-18s from buying Dust-Off.

Source: Daily Star Sunday 3rd Feb.2013

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