Just another example of how those who want to legalise drugs – Game for Smartphones

Just another example of how those who want to legalise drugs – especially marijuana

(cannabis) spread their message – this is clearly aimed at teenagers, it is a fun game

to play on their smartphones – and the underlying message is ‘this game is fun – marijuana is fun’………

Game for Smartphones

For those who have always wanted to sell some weed, there is a free game currently climbing the iTunes charts called “Weed Firm,” which is a pot slinging simulator for smartphones that allows users to sell marijuana without running the risk of an actual law enforcement shakedown. The goal of the game is simple: to become the world’s largest black market marijuana mogul, while maintaining a safe distance from anyone with the authority to put you in jail. Starting with a single plant, players care for their precious product in hopes of turning their cannabis investment it into a handful of cash.

In the game, players sell weed to an assortment of characters, including strippers, who will offer you lap dances and pick your cash coffers bone dry. You also have to pay the police to keep the heat off as well outsmart pesky gangsters trying to reign in on your action.

Weed Firm is a fun and highly addictive method of killing time, anyone interested in playing should probably download it right away because we can’t imagine how this game got past the Apple police into the iTunes store.

However, there is speculation that Apple will not inflict its wrath on developer Manitoba Games by getting rid of Weed Firm, simply because the company was smart enough to incorporate a disclaimer at the beginning of the game, which states, “The creators of this game do not encourage the cultivation or use of cannabis. The plot of this game is solely a work of fiction and should be viewed only as such.”

Source:  High Times  May 2014

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