Update on Colorado

1. Colorado has seen a tremendous increase in Colorado marijuana being diverted to other states since the state commercialized medical marijuana (mmj) in 2009. Rogue mmj operations are using the cover of the law to violate the law. They have become the black markets for other states (40 state have been identified) where they can double their profits. For instance: A. Interdiction seizures of Colorado marijuana on the highways have quadrupled from             an average of 52 a year to an average of 242.

B. Pounds of Colorado marijuana seized during highway interdictions have gone from an average of about a ton to about two tons. C. Parcel interdiction of Colorado marijuana by USPS increased ten times. 2. The legal selling and cultivation of marijuana as well as making marijuana infused edibles presents the “perfect storm” for involvement of Organized Crime Groups including the Mexican Cartels trafficking in drugs and using extortion to make money. A. DEA and IRS have already investigated, served search warrants and made arrest in a case of suspected Colombian Cartel money financing licensed medical marijuana operations.

B. Other DEA investigations outside Colorado involve large scale trafficking of Colorado marijuana into their jurisdiction. 3. Funding to support DEA in mmj states is not used to target patients or caregivers but rather rogue operation hiding under the law to violate the law by trafficking in large quantities of mj where they can double their profits.

Source:   Rocky Mountain HIDTA    http://www.rmhidta.org  June 2014

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