The toxicity of intoxicants is not determined by debate

“The toxic properties of chemical molecules and their cellular damage are not matters of opinion or debate.

They are not determined by adolescent servicemen, or by scientifically uneducated lawyers, legislators, judges, or ‘doctors’ without the facts. Certainly they are not determined¬† by Ted Koppel, Abbie Hoffman, Benjamin Spock, William Buckley, Geraldo Rivera, Oprah Winfrey, Dan Rather, or the mayors of our beleaguered cities.

We cannot vote for or against the ‘toxicity’ of a drug. How much a drug impairs cell structure or chemical function is neither subject to nor governed by congressional committee, public referendum, or the federal constitution.

We cannot govern the electromagnetic behavior of chemical molecules by popular vote, judicial proclamation, personal opinion or individual desire.

Everyone is entitled to his own ‘opinion.’ He is not entitled to his own ‘facts.’

Chemically, marijuana is far more dangerous drug than most scientifically ignorant media and American consumers have been duped into believing.”

Robert C. Gilkeson, M.D.,

Child and Adolescent Neuro-psychiatrist


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