Drug legalizers will not be content with the legalization of pot.

It is widely known that drug legalizers will not be content with the legalization of pot. Their ultimate goal is the legalization of all drugs.

In using a few of their favourite tactics, they now argue that:

LSD and other psychedelic drugs are “safer than alcohol” 

LSD and other psychedelics have “positive psychological benefits” and the ability to “defeat addiction”

The prohibition of psychedelics is a violation of “human rights” (including the right to “belief and spiritual practice, full development of the personality, and free-time and play.”

In other words – safer than alcohol, with medical properties, and fun.

According to long-time legalization advocate David Nutt, speaking at a briefing in London:

We’ve banned research on psychedelic drugs and other drugs like cannabis for 50 years. Truly, in terms of the amount of wasted opportunity, it’s way greater than the banning of the telescope. This is a truly appalling level of censorship.”

The movement to legalize drugs follows a predictable pattern that must be recognized. 

1.  Ignore existing laws

2.  Decriminalize use

3.  Open the door for medi-pot (CBDs)

4.  Expand medical use to include everything under the sun

5.  Full legalization of marijuana for recreational use

Despite overwhelming evidence of their intent, states seems to be following this pattern as if the pro-drug forces are interested in only the next step, when in fact their long game is “all drugs, by anyone, and all the time.”

This surrender to the drug culture, where we allow a very small minority of the population to dictate policy, laws, and even constitutions, is creating disastrous results and permanent damage to society.

Drug education works when we do enough of it. Surrender is not an option.

Source: Letter from Monte Stile to DrugWatch International 7th March 2015

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