SAM Statement on the lawsuit from Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas law enforcement officials



Today, Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) President Kevin A. Sabet released a statement on the lawsuit brought law enforcement officials in Colorado, Oklahoma and Nebraska against Colorado’s Amendment 64:

“Big Marijuana must be feeling the heat, and I’m sure they are lawyering up. This is now the latest in a series of lawsuits against legalization, and we support this action because Colorado’s decisions regarding marijuana are not without consequences to neighboring states, and indeed all Americans. The legalization of marijuana is not implemented in a vacuum. The current policy of denial about federal law is untenable. Surrounding states have seen a surge in marijuana-related trafficking activity. Dealers and traffickers are openly bragging about how they have been able to smuggle state-sanctioned marijuana out of Colorado. The underground market has thrived under Amendment 64, and ever-potent gummy bears, candies, and concentrates have flooded the national marijuana market.

“We don’t think people should go to jail for smoking a joint, but we also don’t want to create Big Tobacco 2.0. Although states should be able to determine appropriate penalties, we need uniform federal drug laws regarding legalization.

“We hope Attorney General-nominee Loretta Lynch will seriously consider the ramifications of ignoring federal law, and will understand that creating a Big Marijuana industry serves no one except the profiteers who hope to follow in Big Tobacco’s footsteps.”

Source: KEVIN@LEARNABOUTSAM.ORG 5th March 2015

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