NFIA, in Partnership with SAM, Publishes List of 800+ Groups Working to Build Marijuana-Free and Drug-Free Communities

Today, NFIA, in partnership with SAM, is publishing a preliminary list of more than 800 nonprofit organizations that are working to build marijuana-free and drug-free communities. The list can be accessed at The Marijuana Report.Org website on the Links page.

Organized by state, the list provides the name, location, phone number, and link to the website or Facebook page of each organization.

“No one had any idea how many organizations are concerned about the impact of marijuana legalization on our kids until we began putting this list together, not even us,” notes William F. Carter, NFIA’s Chairman of the Board.

Adds NFIA’s Senior Advisor, Kent “Oz” Nelson, retired Chairman and CEO of United Parcel Service, “The overwhelming misinformation about marijuana that legalization proponents are putting out there is influencing young people negatively,” he says. “Just last week we learned that daily marijuana use among the nation’s college students is the highest it has ever been since surveys began. It’s encouraging to learn there are so many groups dedicated to educating the public about marijuana’s effects.”

“Like the tobacco industry, which lied to Americans about the harmful effects of cigarettes for more than 50 years, the emerging marijuana industry is telling the same kinds of lies about marijuana,” said NFIA’s President and CEO, Sue Rusche.

Added Kevin Sabet, co-founder and director of SAM, “The public deserves to hear about the substantial science that defines marijuana’s harmful effects. We are delighted to discover how many groups are out there to counteract the marijuana industry’s lies.”

Explore list here.

Source: National Families in Action September 2015

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