Report: Thousands imprisoned for life for non-violent crimes?

The public is lately inundated with stories about “non-violent” drug offenders who have been sent to prison. One case-in-point is the story of Larry Duke, allegedly a fine upstanding citizen and “non-violent drug offender” who received two life sentences for a 1989 conviction involving 14,000 pounds of marijuana.

Please read the original story at the link below and then read the additional facts not contained in the first article. As you will see, the pro-pot people are happy to lie to the American public to gain sympathy for “non-violent” drug offenders who are anything but.

Here’s the rest of the story.

Duke originally wanted 18,000 pounds but settled on 16,000 (8 tons) at a wholesale price of over $7 million.

During the undercover operation, Duke was described as the “largest marijuana dealer on the eastern seaboard.” In recorded conversations, Duke admitted that he had marijuana warehouses across the country and boasted that he recently moved 70,000 pounds (35 tons) in four days. Duke stressed that the money and the dope should never be in the same place.

After being convicted at trial, the court determined that Duke was a habitual offender since this was Duke’s third felony drug conviction. One of those convictions involved 18 tons of pot (36,000 pounds) which was smuggled into Canada in 1983.

The bottom line is this:

Multiple tons of pot do not get manufactured, harvested,  imported, transported, packaged and sold unless there are a lot of guns around to protect the dope and the money.

The pro-pot lobbyists lie about the statistics because it furthers their claim that a lot of non-violent drug users are going to prison. Besides being untrue, they couldn’t have picked a worse person to highlight than Mr. Duke.

Source: email to DrugWatch International from  Monte Stiles   2014

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