DEA Says Hash Labs are the new Meth Labs



Butane Hash Oil explosions on the rise in legal states and beyond
 The DEA has released a new report showing how Hash labs are becoming the new meth labs. In this new report they outline how Colorado’s legalization is not only responsible for these labs existing, but also how the state has no way to enforce them. The Denver office is reporting that Amendment 20 and Amendment 64 are helping to create these hash labs because of the language in regards to personal grow limits.

“There is no mechanism at the state-level to document or regulate home grows, even large ones. This has led to a proliferation of large-scale marijuana grow operations in hundreds of homes throughout the state.” says the DEA report. They also say that Loopholes in Amendment 20 and 64 have led to unfettered production in private residences throughout the state.  Amendment 20 alone allows patients to possess up to six plants unless more are recommended by a Physician. In 2016 it wasn’t uncommon for a Physician to recommend 75 plants or more, which lead to the license suspension of 4 Doctors this month. Amendment 20 was pretty much set up with no regulatory system put into place to track who was growing the marijuana or where it was going, which partnered with the excessive grow amounts, lead to a good portion of this marijuana to be transported out of state for illegal sales.

 Amendment 64 lead to even more loopholes. While the law only permits an individual over the age of 21 to possess six plants, it also allows any adult to “Assist”  another adult with “possessing, growing, processing, or transporting” his/her marijuana.  This loophole can be used when questioned to say that they are holding the product for their friend who cannot grow, process or possess in their home, such as a renter. The state created the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) with the passage of Amendment 64, but they do not have authority over home grows. The report says that “Local police departments often receive numerous calls from neighbors about marijuana grow houses. Common complaints include strong odors, excessive noise from industrial air-conditioning units, blown electrical transformers, and heavy vehicle traffic”.
When you travel around Colorado or other legal states you’re starting to see displays pop up in corner markets or other stores with cases of Butane for sale. Normally this wouldn’t be alarming, but try to buy a single canister. These shops are selling these by the case only, so unless you have a Zippo the size of a hippo, there is only one reason why you’re buying butane by the case.  So with the “Unfettered” access to marijuana products and then the abundance of butane being sold to individuals it is literally a ticking time bomb and it could be your neighbor that is next.

Hash Oil explosion Walnut Creek, CA 2014

Hash Oil explosion Bellvue, Wa 2013
People are going to say that there are other ways of extracting the hash oil from the flower, but most people don’t have uncontrolled access to things like CO2. Butane is much more cost effective than CO2 and easier to get in higher quantities without raising red flags.

If you live in a state that is set to vote on legalization in the near future please pay close attention to this because the next explosion could be in your backyard. Colorado, Washington and Oregon are showing you what legalization will do to your state and the bad gravely outweighs any good that can come from it.  Marijuana proponents will tell you that you have nothing to worry about from hash oil explosion because they are nothing like Meth lab explosions, well they would be lying to you. Does the damage from the above pictures look like “Nothing to worry about”?

Source:  Aug.2016

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