Lawmakers put medical pot on pause

The following extract is from an email a colleague in the USA sent to the NDPA in February 2017.

Friends, according to the article below, the Utah legislature has decided to forgo any medi-pot legislation this year because of uncertainty regarding the new administration. Although they may consider bills that encourage research, they have decided against pursuing legalization itself. This is very encouraging in light of discussions I had with legislators less than six months ago who were “full speed ahead” despite strong advice to the contrary.

Although the commercial pot industry is increasingly nervous about what lies ahead, they seem to be doubling their efforts in pushing additional states to legalize pot before the hammer comes down. In my opinion, the intent is to continue their momentum in the hope of making it more difficult for the new administration to reign in the chaos.

Instead of careening towards political, medical, social, and legal chaos, other states should seriously consider the time and resources being squandered over legislative schemes that promote federal crimes and dupe the general public into believing that a crude street drug cures everything. It is all extremely foolish, especially when the legalization landscape could change overnight.   I think it is equally foolish that other states are rushing to implement medi-pot and recreational laws since their drug proceeds (disguised as tax revenues) could easily go up in a cloud of smoke.

Furthermore, in light of the recent decision of the Colorado Supreme Court regarding federal pre-emption, these get rich quick schemes may also “vaporize” through litigation in a variety of forms. I would not want to be a pot doctor when the medical malpractice lawsuits pick up steam. And how will government attorneys and public officials, who represent cities, counties and states, explain their failure to provide competent legal advice and protect their citizens if all of this comes crashing down?

The only sane response during this time of change is to wait until the dust settles. Even if dramatic changes do not occur immediately, it is virtually certain that rules, regulations, and criminal/civil liabilities will not be interpreted by the same folks who cynically and purposely allowed human suffering to launch the commercial pot industry.

If you live in a state that is considering legalization this session, or live in a state that is rushing to implement state sponsored felonies, you might consider the rationale used by the Utah legislature. Things are going to change, people are starting to wake up, science will continue to develop safe and effective medicines, and common snake oil salesmen will be seen as the pariahs they are.

No individual, family, school, community or nation can be great when government promotes a culture that revels in being stoned, high, wasted, baked, fried, cooked, toasted, burnt, dazed, bent, couch-locked, cheeched, chonged, chumbed, dopefaced, crapfaced, blazed, blitzed, blunted, blasted, ripped, danked, marinated, gone, done, faded, stupid, and wrecked.

(Their words, not mine.)


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