The National Drug Prevention Alliance, and the wider Positive Prevention Plus group of charities, benefits from the support many volunteers, from a wide range of backgrounds.  Each member of the team uses their individual strengths and experiences, and gives their time in furtherance of the shared goal “Promoting Good Practice in Prevention“.  Here is a brief introduction to our key team members…

National Director, National Drug Prevention Alliance
Mr Peter Stoker

Senior Prevention Consultant, PPP Group
Mrs Ann Stoker

Political Affairs Director, NDPA & Media Spokesman
Mr David Raynes

Training Director, PPP Group
Mr Neil Scott

Project Services Manager, PPP Group
Mr Timothy Johnston

IT Manager, PPP Group
Mr John Morgan

For all media enquiries please contact our media spokesman Mr David Raynes, Telephone 07967 708568

Web team:

Site Design
James Bradbury, Hakeem, Ann, Peter

Site Maintenance
Ann, Hakeem, Peter, David, Preeti

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