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Other parts of this website will give you factual information about drugs and you can always email us for more detailed information if you wish.  There are also links to other sites which may be of help to you.  All the sites we recommend are about drug prevention or related matters, and all have been vetted by us before we listed them.

If you are a parent with a family member involved it is important to know the facts about drugs and drug use and also to get support and advice for yourself from self- help groups such as Families Anonymous.  If you have younger children please check out with their schools what kind of drug education programmes are being used. These programmes should not suggest that drug taking is ‘normal’ or that the pupil can make an ‘informed choice’ about whether or not to use drugs – drugs are illegal because they are harmful to the individual and to society.  Drug education should be about prevention of use,  not just prevention of harm!

If you are a user please check out the information on the ‘Want to Quit Page’ and contact your nearest drug agency – or NA or AA group for support – you will find addresses in your phone book or at your local library.  Many users before you have successfully quit and are now leading drug-free and happy lives – you can join them and we wish you well.


Do you ever wonder what to give for birthdays, wedding gifts or Christmas  presents?  NDPA provides Gift Certificates in values of £5, £10 and £20 to give to the person who has everything!  Make your donation via Pay Pal and send us the name of the person for whom you would like the certificate named.  We will then print it, and send it on to the address you specify.


There are many thousands of families for whom drug use has caused misery and pain; young people sometimes make poor choices and the results can be seen in increasing petty crime, drunkenness, civil disorder, and ever more dangerous streets. We can change things if concerned people get involved.   Write to your MP, the Police authorities  and  to the Press if you want drug policy legislation to change.  Make sure you are aware of where your children are at all times, and exactly who their friends are.  If you have any suspicions that drugs might be an issue don’t ignore it….. deal with it.

What else could you do to make a difference?

NDPA has no secure funds – for over twenty years we have  worked with a dedicated group of volunteers and depend on donations to continue our vital work.   All donations will be wisely used – £5 would buy us a ream of paper,  £10 would go towards toners and £20 would help us to print and distribute more information leaflets.  A small regular monthly donation would enable us to keep our website up to date and go towards costs of our hefty phone bills and broadband connections. You could make a donation now by PayPal .

Please will you help us tackle drugs ?


Visit our sister website where our aim is to give parents and the general community basic information in plain words. You will find resources and tips about preventing drug use and how communities can become involved. Click here to log on to:

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