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New Mother, 32, ‘Killed Herself After Developing Drug-induced Psychosis From Taking Cannabis’ To Treat MORNING SICKNESS

Polly Ross, 32, suffered with Hyperemesis Gravidarum during second pregnancy Mother smoked cannabis and magic mushrooms to ease pain, an inquest heard ‘Talented and clever’ translator took her life in 2015 after battling with psychosis A mother-to-be who took cannabis after developing the same morning sickness condition as the Duchess of Cambridge killed herself after […]


Impact Of A Synthetic Cannabinoid (CP-47,497-C8) On Protein Expression In Human Cells: Evidence For Induction Of Inflammation And DNA Damage

Abstract Synthetic cannabinoids (SCs) are marketed worldwide as legal surrogates for marihuana. In order to predict potential health effects in consumers and to elucidate the underlying mechanisms of action, we investigated the impact of a representative of the cyclohexylphenols, CP47,497-C8, which binds to both cannabinoid receptors, on protein expression patterns, genomic stability and on induction […]


New Guideline Warns Pain Benefits Of Medical Cannabis Overstated

University of Alberta led guideline warns health risks may outweigh benefits, provides guidance on when (and when not to) prescribe. A new medical guideline published today suggests Canada’s family physicians should take a sober second thought before prescribing medical cannabis to most patients. Published in Canadian Family Physician, “Simplified Guideline for Prescribing Medical Cannabinoids in Primary […]


What You Should Know About The Multistate Outbreak Of Severe Lung Problems Linked To E-cigarettes And Vaping

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently issued a warning about vaping following a multistate outbreak of severe lung problems linked to the use of electronic cigarettes. According to the CDC, there are, as of September 6, 450 reported cases of possible vaping-linked lung problems across 33 states and 1 territory, resulting in 6 deaths. […]


Reducing Future Rates Of Adult Addiction Must Begin With Youth Prevention

The United States is confronting a public health crisis of rising adult drug addiction, most visibly documented by an unprecedented number of opioid overdose deaths. Most of these overdose deaths are not from the use of a single substance – opioids – but rather are underreported polysubstance deaths. This is happening in the context of […]


Ontario Proposal To Allow Cannabis Consumption In Hotel Rooms Could Jump-Start Pot Tourism

Ontario’s proposal to allow people to consume marijuana in hotel rooms opens the door to a boom in cannabis tourism, says lawyer Matt Maurer. Maurer heads the cannabis law group at Minden Gross in Toronto, and says he knows businesspeople who are interested in opening cannabis-friendly hotels and resorts. Maurer says he was surprised by […]


Stronger Cannabis Linked To Rise In Demand For Drug Treatment Programmes

Study drawing on data from the Netherlands is the first to show how admissions to treatment centres rise and fall in line with cannabis strength Many countries have seen far stronger cannabis come on to the market in the past few decades Researchers have found fresh evidence to suggest that more potent strains of cannabis […]


Shocking Image Illustrates How Drugs Transformed Woman’s Appearance At Just 53

After Lynley Graham’s custody photo was posted to a police force’s Facebook page, horrified users were quick to discuss the harmful effects of hard drugs Deep lines etched across a woman’s face and cheeks sunken to the bone – this one shocking image illustrates the effects of substance abuse. Lynley Graham’s custody picture has been […]


The Link Between Opioid Overdoses And Amnesia Is Only Getting Stronger

As more cases turn up, doctors are concerned about the extent to which memory loss may be undetected. Just over five years ago, a man suffering from amnesia following a suspected drug overdose appeared at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts, a Boston suburb. He was 22, and had injected what he believed […]


Deadly Fentanyl Behind America’s Dramatic Doubling Of Synthetic Opioid Death Rates

President Donald Trump took a few minutes in his State of the Union address to acknowledge what he called the “terrible crisis of opioid and drug addiction – never been has it been like it is now”. The American President told Congress that “we have to do something about it”, stating that 174 drug-addiction caused  deaths […]


Hooked In Wisconsin: When Heroin Hits Home

A USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin project Heroin entered their lives so easily. For 10 addicts, the hard part is staying clean. They got the pills from their doctors, then kept using them until they couldn’t stop. They switched to heroin because it was cheaper, because a friend said it was an easier, better way to get […]


Before And After Alcohol And Drug Addiction Photos

Millions of Americans are trapped in a cycle of drug abuse and addiction: In 2013, over 24 million reported that they had abused illicit drugs or prescription medication in just the past month. More than 1.7 million were admitted to treatment programs for substance abuse in 2012. The pursuit of a drug habit can cost these people everything – […]


A Cannabinoid Analogue Of Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol Disrupts Neural Development In Chick Embryos

Abstract Marijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug by pregnant women. Its major psychoactive constituent, Delta(9)-THC (Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol), crosses the placenta and accumulates in the foetus, potentially harming its development. In humans, marijuana use in early pregnancy is associated with miscarriage, a fetal alcohol-like syndrome, as well as learning disabilities, memory impairment, and ADHD in […]


Pennsylvania State Police Urge Gun Owners To Give Up Firearms To Get Medical Marijuana

If you’re a gun-owning Pennsylvania resident, the Pennsylvania State Police are urging you to turn in your firearms if you are seeking medical marijuana cards. Sorry, what? A statement from the Pennsylvania State Police’s website is receiving a lot of local attention over what appears to be an erroneous statement concerning state and federal law. The statement reads: “It is unlawful for […]


Cannabis Use And Incidence Of Testicular Cancer: A 42-Year Follow-up Of Swedish Men Between 1970 And 2011

Abstract Background: Given current drug policy reforms to decriminalize or legalize cannabis in numerous countries worldwide, the current study assesses the relation between cannabis use and the development of testicular cancer. Methods: The study included a population-based sample (n = 49,343) of young men ages 18–21 years who underwent conscription assessment for Swedish military service in 1969–1970. The […]


Research Finds Link Between Marijuana Use And Testicular Cancer

New research from Northern Medical Program Professor Dr. Russ Callaghan has found that use of marijuana is associated with the development of testicular cancer. As part of a retrospective study, Dr. Callaghan and his team looked at data from young men conscripted for military service in Sweden in 1969 and 1970, and tracked their health conditions […]


Let’s Take A Second To Talk About Colorado

Dear Friend,  Let’s take a second to talk about Colorado.  As you know, Colorado was the first state to commercialize the marijuana industry – and today it stands as the top state in the country for first-time youth marijuana use. The state also suffers from record stoned driving crashes, increased workplace drug positives, and unprecedented […]


Cannabinoid Genotoxicity Extends To Cannabidiol And Other Cannabinoids Too – Cannabis Is Not A Soft Drug – Especially In Its Marketing Campaign!

Why don’t we start with a short quiz of general knowledge of current events and topical issues in the community??  Questions:  Brain: Which American state has 500 students with autism in every graduating year group across the whole state? Which American state has current legislation afoot to declare autism at epidemic proportions in their state? […]


Synthetic Cannabis

What is synthetic cannabis? Synthetic cannabis is a new psychoactive substance that was originally designed to mimic or produce similar effects to cannabis and has been sold online since 2004. However, some of the newer substances claiming to be synthetic cannabis do not actually mimic the effects of THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in cannabis). Reports suggest it also […]


MARIJUANA Causes Mental Illness And Addiction … In Turn More Homelessness, Poverty And Crime

People who are mentally ill or addicted can’t work effectively, if at all, so they have to turn to crime and/or public support for survival.  Marijuana escalates the risk of mental illness 5 times.[i] On average, 17% of adolescents and 9% of adults  will become addicted.[ii]Based on federal research  7,000 people use marijuana for the first time each […]


California’s Ill-Conceived Marijuana Program Has Inflicted Irreparable Environmental, Human And Economic Harm On Our Once Fine State

Estimated reclamation costs in Calaveras County California alone could reach $2 billion for 1,200 grow sites. 50,000 grow sites in the state could amount to over $50 billion, according to the Calaveras County study ( Aside from killing wildlife, fish and depleting streams and water tables, the poisons seeping into the ground are contaminating watersheds that serve […]


Deputy Secretary’s View: Opioids Battle Can Be Won, Beginning In Minnesota And In Duluth

Smaller cities and towns carry a unique burden when it comes to drug addiction. I grew up in Mounds, Ill. It’s a small farming community of about 800 people in the southernmost part of the state. It may seem an unlikely place for a drug epidemic, but opioid addiction and substance abuse have plagued families […]


Marijuana Farmers Are Destroying Natural Ecosystems As Quest For Profits Outweighs “Green” Agricultural Practices

People who turn to medical marijuana are often drawn to the fact that it’s natural. This is indeed a great quality from a health standpoint, but environment-minded marijuana buyers, take note: New research shows that marijuana farming in remote locations is having a negative effect on the environment. After studying the ecological consequences that marijuana […]


Death By Self-Mutilation After Oral Cannabis Consumption.

Abstract Major self-mutilation (amputation, castration, self-inflicted eye injuries) is frequently associated with psychiatric disorders and/or substance abuse. A 35-year-old man presented with behavioral disturbances of sudden onset after oral cannabis consumption and major self-mutilation (attempted amputation of the right arm, self-enucleation of both eyes and impalement) which resulted in death. During the enquiry, four fragments […]


Systematic Review Of Safeness And Therapeutic Efficacy Of Cannabis In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathic Pain, And In Oncological Patients Treated With Chemotherapy

Abstract BACKGROUND: Medical cannabis refers to the use of cannabis or cannabinoids as medical therapy to treat disease or alleviate symptoms. In the United States, 23 states and Washington DC (May 2015) have introduced laws to permit the medical use of cannabis. Within the European Union, medicinal cannabis laws and praxis vary wildly between Countries. […]


The Secretive Family Making Billions From The Opioid Crisis

You’re aware America is under siege, fighting an opioid crisis that has exploded into a public-health emergency. You’ve heard of OxyContin, the pain medication to which countless patients have become addicted. But do you know that the company that makes Oxy and reaps the billions of dollars in profits it generates is owned by one […]


Is CBD Oil Harmful or Healing? What No One is Telling You

With no age restrictions on its use, some people – even children – are likely consuming CBD on a very frequent basis. While a growing chorus of voices recommend CBD oil for all manner of ailments with glowing reviews and assurances of its safety, consumers would be wise to think very carefully before jumping on […]

"When representing a cause (almost) lost, sound your trumpet, mount your steed and go for the very last charge, failing which you will die of sad old age in the depths of the forgotten fortress, no longer besieged because life has abandoned it for greener pastures."

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"Universal prevention initiatives are important elements of a comprehensive prevention strategy that should include selective and indicated prevention initiatives as well. In order to prevent the development of dependence you need all three - and you cannot do without universal prevention. Norms, attitudes, availability are important risk factors for developing drug use problems as well as neighbourhood disorganization and weak family bonds."

Christina Gynna, Deputy National Drugs Policy Co-ordinator, Sweden,
at the ICAA conference in Budapest, 24 October 2005


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