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Changes In Cannabis Potency And First-Time Admissions To Drug Treatment: A 16-Year Study In The Netherlands

Tom P. Freeman, Peggy van der Pol, Wil Kuijpers, Jeroen Wisselink,Ravi K. Das, Sander Rigter, Margriet van Laar, Paul Griffiths, Wendy Swift,Raymond Niesink and Michael T. Lynskey ABSTRACT: Background The number of people entering specialist drug treatment for cannabis problems has increased considerably in recent years. The reasons for this are unclear, but rising cannabis potency […]


Marijuana Use Is Associated With An Increased Risk Of Prescription Opioid Misuse And Use Disorders

Science Spotlight New research suggests that marijuana users may be more likely than nonusers to misuse prescription opioids and develop prescription opioid use disorder. The study was conducted by researchers at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of the National Institutes of Health, and Columbia University. The investigators analyzed data from the National Epidemiologic […]



For those who are still concerned about ‘evidence based science’ and ‘best medical and pharmaceutical practice’…the following ‘open letter’ with attachments was sent to all Federal Senators, NSW and Victorian Premiers last week.  Dear Senator,   In the coming weeks/months, you will no doubt be presented with a Bill to consider changing both law and […]


Drug Free America Foundation Launches New Marijuana And The Workplace Tool Kit

Drug Free America Foundation launched its new Marijuana and the Workplace Tool Kit this morning at a forum co-sponsored with Drug Free Manatee and the Manatee Chamber of Commerce at Pier 22 in Bradenton FL.  The forum featured a presentation by Amy Ronshausen, Deputy Director of Drug Free America Foundation who unveiled the Tool Kit […]


The Opioid Crisis Is Taking A Toll On The American Labor Force

Since the mid-1990s, the percentage of prime-age American men who don’t have a job — and aren’t looking for one — has risen dramatically. Over the same time period, per-capita sales of opioid painkillers in the United States has more than quadrupled. A new study suggests that there may be a relationship between these two facts. In a […]


Pediatric Death Due To Myocarditis After Exposure To Cannabis

Thomas M. Nappe, DO* and Christopher O. Hoyte, MD Abstract Since marijuana legalization, pediatric exposures to cannabis have increased. To date, pediatric deaths from cannabis exposure have not been reported. The authors report an 11-month-old male who, following cannabis exposure, presented with central nervous system depression after seizure, and progressed to cardiac arrest and died. Myocarditis was diagnosed […]


Medical Expert Reports On Marijuana Problems In Colorado

Libby Stuyt, MD spoke at the Oregon Health Forum with Drs. Esther Choo of OHSU and Katrina Hedberg who is the State Epidemiologist and State Health Officer at the Oregon Public Health Division, and at the Oregon Law & Mental Health Conference in June 2017 on the unintended consequences of marijuana legalization. Stuyt is an addictions psychiatrist […]


There Is NO Conclusive Evidence That Marijuana Helps With Chronic Pain And PTSD, 20-Year Study Finds

US Department of Veteran Affairs found an increase in PTSD symptoms from veterans who used medical marijuana  Among patients who use medical marijuana, 80% use it for chronic pain and 33% for PTSD Use for chronic pain can lead to increased risk of motor vehicle accidents and short-term cognitive impairment, experts warn Medical marijuana is […]


Not So ‘Green’ After All: Pollution From Illegal California Marijuana Farms Is Forming Toxic Waste Dumps That Span Thousands Of Acres

In California, illegal marijuana farms are taking over thousands of acres of land as toxic wastes are increasingly corrupting ecosystems California is responsible for the majority of illegal U.S. marijuana farming New data says the state holds ‘731,000 pounds of solid fertilizer, 491,000 ounces of concentrated liquid fertilizer and 200,000 ounces of toxic pesticides.’ The […]


Marijuana Use Holds Three-Fold Blood Pressure Death Risk

LONDON (Reuters) – People who smoke marijuana have a three times greater risk of dying from hypertension, or high blood pressure, than those who have never used the drug, scientists said on Wednesday. The risk grows with every year of use, they said. The findings, from a study of some 1,200 people, could have implications in the […]


Could Marijuana Really Cause A Mental Breakdown? We Explain How The Drug Affects The Brain As Kanye West’s Tour Insurer Refuses To Pay For Cancelled Shows – And Blames His Cannabis Use

The rapper is suing insurance company, claiming it is refusing to pay him after he was forced to cancel shows in November last year In legal documents Lloyd’s suggest marijuana may have led to Kanye’s mental health issues in a bid to invalidate the performer’s insurance claim Psychosis affects the mind and causes the sufferer […]


Twenty-Five Years of Addiction Research: What Have We Learned and What Have We Done?

By Mark Gold, MD Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe The Harvard Review of Psychiatry has recently chronicled important advances in understanding mental health disorders and, to a lesser extent Substance Use Disorder (SUD). This clinical review highlights the important contributions of Harvard […]


Journal Prints Correction: Marijuana Use Linked With 2.5-Fold Increase In Psychosis

Psychology of Addictive Behaviors journal makes corrections, SAM calls on media to correct stories A prominent journal article about marijuana and health which resulted in media outlets reporting on marijuana’s harmlessness has now been corrected. A recheck of the statistics has now found that the incidence of psychotic disorders trended toward a 2.5-fold increase in marijuana […]


A 21ST Century Problem: Cannabis Toxicity In A 13-Month-Old Child

Abstract BACKGROUND Cannabis is one of the most abused drugs worldwide, with more than 20 million users in the United States (US). As access to cannabis products increases with expanding US legislation and decriminalization of marijuana, emergency physicians must be adept in recognizing unintentional cannabis toxicity in young children, which can range from altered mental […]


Does Legalization Increase Marijuana Use?

The new 2016-2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health State Estimates is out this week. The graphs above illustrate a few of the findings from this annual survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Numbers in graphs are percentages. The graphs can be downloaded starting Thursday, December 6 here. National […]


Over 400 Conditions Co-occur With Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), Study Finds

Researchers at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) have identified 428 distinct disease conditions that co-occur in people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), in the most comprehensive review of its kind. The results were published today in The Lancet. “We’ve systematically identified numerous disease conditions co-occurring with FASD, which underscores the fact that […]


Cannabis ‘DOES Alter The Brain’s Ability To Process Emotions’, Experts Warn

Cannabis interferes with a user’s ability to recognize, process and empathize with human emotions including happiness, sadness and anger Pot smokers were shown faces depicting different emotions in tests They were hooked up to brain monitoring device, looking at activity levels  Cannabis users showed greater response to negative emotions  And those smoking marijuana showed lower […]


Reviving The War On Drugs Isn’t The Way To Improve Police/Community Relations | Opinion

By Dean A. Dabney The United States has been waging a war on drugs for nearly 50 years . Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on this long campaign to thwart the production, distribution, sale and use of illegal drugs. This sustained investment has resulted in millions of drug offenders being processed through the American criminal justice system. It […]


The Opioid Epidemic Is An Historic Opportunity To Improve Both Prevention And Treatment

By Robert DuPont Abstract The current narrative describing the national opioid epidemic as the result of overprescribing opioid pain medicines fails to capture the full dimensions of the problem and leads to inadequate and even confounding solutions. Overlooked is the fact that polysubstance use is nearly ubiquitous among overdose deaths, demonstrating that the opioid overdose […]


MDMA Lookalike Drug Makes Its Way Into Festivals

Narcotics experts are warning against dangerous drugs being mis-sold as MDMA. According to reports from the UK, this substance can lead to psychosis and some users claim it has the ability to keep them awake for up to three days. These undesired side effects are not typical of MDMA or “Molly.” Instead, this “fake MDMA” […]


Canada And Proposed Legalisation Of Marijuana

Dear David, I am sending you below a copy of a letter I have sent to the Premiers of Canada – and other members of the worldwide drug prevention community, plus an email to UN HQ in New York.   Since they get so many letters I thought it would be sensible to send you a copy […]


Baby dies after being left alone while mum smokes cannabis

A three-month-old baby boy died after being left alone overnight while his mother smoked cannabis, a serious case review has found. Social services dealt repeatedly with the child’s family before his death but closed the case after the woman said she had stopped using drugs. A police investigation into potential neglect is currently ongoing. The […]


Traffic Accidents Rising in States With Legalized Recreational Marijuana

OCTOBER 25, 2018 BY PARTNERSHIP NEWS SERVICE STAFF A new study finds traffic accidents are increasing in states that have legalized recreational marijuana, Bloomberg reports. Crashes have risen by as much as 6 percent in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, compared with neighboring states that haven’t legalized marijuana for recreational use, according to research from […]


Why do we so consistently underplay the links between cannabis and psychosis? This isn’t a benevolent drug

Anybody wondering what happens to the 8 per cent of the skunk-smoking population who develop mental illness should visit any psychiatric hospital in Britain or speak to somebody who has done so What is really needed in dealing with cannabis is a “tobacco moment”, as with cigarettes 50 years ago, when a majority of people […]


Legalising Pot Will Cause More Mayhem on our Roadways

According to a Colorado Springs Gazette editorial about legalization in Colorado there has been a doubling of drivers involved in fatal crashes testing positive for marijuana. [1] Marijuana significantly impairs driving including time and distance estimation and reaction times and motor coordination. [2] The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists marijuana as the most prevalent […]


Latest drug fad can cause dangerous explosions, police say

Unified Police Sgt. Melody Gray described the process as similar to making a pipe bomb. But some marijuana users — and dealers — are willing to take that risk despite potentially dangerous results. For the past several years, law enforcement in several states have been combating the increasing popularity of something called “dabs.” Dabs, or […]


How Legal Cannabis Actually Made Things Worse For Sick People In Oregon

The medical marijuana market is in a downward spiral as businesses, lured by big money, shift to recreational At the height of the medical marijuana industry there were 420 dispensaries in Oregon. Now there are only eight. In 2015, Erich Berkovitz opened his medical marijuana processing company, PharmEx, with the intention of getting sick people […]


Could Vaping Lead Teens To Pot Smoking?

Teens who use e-cigarettes may be more likely to try marijuana in the future, especially if they start vaping at a younger age, a new study shows. More than 1 in 4 teenagers who reported e-cigarette use eventually progressed to smoking pot, according to the survey of more than 10,000 teens. That compared with just 8 percent […]


Summary of Cannabis Genotoxicity Papers

There are several principal pathways to inheritable genotoxicity, mutagenicity and teratogenes is induced by cannabis which are known and well established at this time including the following. These three papers discuss different aspects of these effects. 1) Stops Brain Waves and Thinking The brain has both stimulatory and inhibitory pathways.  GABA is the main brain […]

"When representing a cause (almost) lost, sound your trumpet, mount your steed and go for the very last charge, failing which you will die of sad old age in the depths of the forgotten fortress, no longer besieged because life has abandoned it for greener pastures."

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"Universal prevention initiatives are important elements of a comprehensive prevention strategy that should include selective and indicated prevention initiatives as well. In order to prevent the development of dependence you need all three - and you cannot do without universal prevention. Norms, attitudes, availability are important risk factors for developing drug use problems as well as neighbourhood disorganization and weak family bonds."

Christina Gynna, Deputy National Drugs Policy Co-ordinator, Sweden,
at the ICAA conference in Budapest, 24 October 2005


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