Hemp food products

New food products and cosmetics made from cannabis hemp- the same plant as the marijuana plant-pose an acceptable risk to the health of consumers. Those most at risk are children exposed in the womb or through breast milk, or teen-ages whose reproductive systems are developing. THC and the other cannabiniods are fat soluble and accumulate in the body.

On the basis of currently available data it is concluded that the present Canadian limit of 10ppm THC in raw materials and products made from industrial hemp (cannabis sativa cultivars with less than 0.3% THC) would likely not protect the Canadian consumer using industrial hemp-based food, cosmetic, and neuroendocrine (hormone) disruption associated with low-level exposure to THC and other cannabiniods.
THC (and other cannabinoids) are fat soluble and build up in body cells.

Source:Risk Assessment of HEMP Based Food ,Nutraceutical, & cosmetic products Health Canada Nov 1999.
(The Europian Union (EU) made the following statement their HEMP PRODUCTS FOOD REGULATIONS: 1999:“The health effects of these (hemp) products have not been adequately researched so the uses to which (hemp) is put must NOT include human nutrition.”)

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