Ecstasy (MDMA) Is it Safe?

An article by Jay Pomerantz MD, states that the typical dose of Ecstasy is 50 to 150 mg but that there is a great variation in the potency from batch to batch and that often pills contain a mixture of MDMA and other compounds. The article lists a number of “undesirable” side effects including   jaw clenching, tooth grinding, constant restless movement of the legs, increase in body temperature, stiffness, lower back pain, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, blurred vision, dry mouth, insomnia, mild hallucinations, depersonalization, anxiety, panic attacks, delirium, brief psychotic episodes, difficulty concentrating, depression, and fatigue but says that “Despite these complaints, the majority of users find the overall balance of the experience positive. ” The article also notes, not surprisingly, that “A July 2001 report from SAMSHA shows a 58% increase in emergency departments visits, from 2850 in 1999 to 4511 in 2000.
The author states that there is  mounting evidence of persistent serotonin system damage [caused by MDMA] in both  animals and humans and this must be considered in the context of the known causal relationship between low serotonin levels and depression, aggression, impulsivity, and violent suicide” He concludes “Use of Ecstasy, particularly repeatedly, is inviting a chemically derived depression, which may persist.

Source: Behavioral Health Trends, December 2001, Ecstasy (MDMA): Is it Safe? By Jay M. Pomerantz, MD
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