Here Are The Countries That Smoke The Most Marijuana

Just finished reading the cannabis section of the world drug report mentioned below and here were of the points that stuck out to me:

  • Cannabis herb (they make a distinction between herb and resin) seizures in North America account for 64% of worldwide seizures.
  • US outdoor eradication rates significantly dropped (6,470 in 2012 from 23, 622 in 2011) but it is unclear if the decrease was due to declining law enforcement activity in that area or to increasing legal grows due to new laws in CO and WA.
  • In 2012 , between 125 million and 227 million people who estimated to have used cannabis, that corresponds to 2.7 and 4.9% of the population aged 15-64 years.

We are changing laws to accommodate this small proportion of the population. These laws will have a deleterious knock on effect for the 95% majority of the population.

  • Over the past 5 years (in N. America, the largest cannabis herb market) prevalence rates in the US have increased but declined in Canada between 2008-2011 and increasing again between 2011-2012.

Cannabis use in the UK is down to the lowest levels since measurements began in 1996….. but the UK Government has not so far relaxed firm drug laws.

  • In the US, between 2006-2010 there was a 59% increase in cannabis-related ER visits and a 14% increase in cannabis-related treatment admissions.

•   Expert analyses predicts that legalization of cannabis will most likely reduce production costs which would in turn be expected decease prices overtime. Since cannabis consumption responds to prices, the lower prices will likely lead to high consumption. It is estimated that for each 10% drop in price there will be an approx. 3% increase in total users and a 3-5%


World Drug Report 2014


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