Study Compares Prison and Non-Prison Treatment

A new study shows that women receive different types of benefits from prison-based addiction treatment programs and those located off prison grounds. Elizabeth Hall, project director of the Forever Free Substance Abuse Treatment Program Outcomes Study at the University of California, said the study found that women who received prison-based treatment initially did better on parole and with cutting drug use. On the other hand, women in the non-prison program fared better finding jobs. But a year later, when researchers conducted a review of study participants, they found that 35 percent of the prison group had used alcohol or other drugs during the month before the interview, compared with 8 percent of the non-prison group. Also, 75 percent of the prison group reported using alcohol or other drugs at some time during their parole period, compared with half of the non-prison group.

Source: The study’s findings were presented at a National Institute of Justice’s Research &
Evaluation Conference in Washington, DC. Aug 2001.

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